Surprise Box with 12 pairs Mini-Sneakers Random
Surprise Box with 12 pairs Mini-Sneakers Random
119.00 EUR 350.00 EUR
   BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS 🎁       Start Your Collection Today!    THE SURPRISE BOX INCLUDES 12 EXCLUSIVE RANDOM MINI-SNEAKERS 🤫 Here is our exclusive new flagship product! What does a VNDS Kicks surprise box entail?Amazing!!! Buy a SURPRISE BOX today, a priceless box that features Mini Sneakers with a real and total value of €350,00 / ≃ £364,50Select your collection and make way for the chance to discover inside, hidden, 12 Limited Series pairs of Mini-Sneakers. The contents of the box remain a mystery, nobody knows what's inside. There can be very Famous Models as well as less known ones or Rare Models. Are you willing to take the chance and see what's inside? Open, unpack, and discover what each box has in store for you. It is the ultimate gift to offer for the greatest pleasure of the eyes. So will you be brave enough to get your surprise box and find out what's inside? 100% of people were won over by what was inside! PRODUCT DETAILS: Handcrafted and Hand-painted 3D Mini Sneakers. Materials as ABS Plastic. 2 1/2"(L) x 1" (W) x 2" (H). Scaled Down to 1:6 of Real Shoes. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 exquisite Big Box 12 special edition Mini Boxes 12 pairs of mini sneakers were randomly selected from the chosen collection 12 Mini Display Shoeboxes Transparent to admire your mini-sneakers NOTICE: Some products are really hot and might be out of stock for a while. Normally re-stock will take around 2-3 weeks (sometimes less). All of our products are customized and have nothing related to those brands, inc(Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy, etc...).


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